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We’re on a mission to help businesses find their place online and provide quality services for their growth, which requires a team of creative and talented individuals who are ambitious and hard-working people committed to quality growth and success.

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Why DumaSpace?

Learning and growing are important for you. DumaSpace will help you with that. We will motivate and support you every step of the way. And, of course, work should be balanced with life and fun. DumaSpace exists for that.
Expect professional growth and constant evolution of yourself when at DumaSpace.


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We are a team of innovative and technically skilled humans
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work hours

Here's our 8-hour schedule: our full time is 6 hours a day spent on tasks, with an hour for a lunch break and the rest for short and long breaks in between tasks. Spend your hours wisely 😉.


is key

We hold meetings every week with the entire team. We are always available to listen to and answer burning questions. We also tackle non-serious business 🤭.


Flexible work
from home

Sometimes, we all just want to stay at home. You can totally work in your pajamas or without a bath. We don't judge. We do it too 😜.



We don’t mind when, where, and how you do it. As long as you’re doing your job, you have the freedom. Do you want to work at the beach? 🏖️

Our Values


We constantly increase our knowledge and skills by learning. We recognize that learning continues throughout our lives and is essential in continually expanding and evolving our skills.


We should not be afraid to engage in something new. We want you to be curious, ambitious, creative, and willing to take risks to engage in big challenges. Learn and grow from it. We should be confident in ourselves.


The world is constantly evolving, so we want you to evolve with it. When faced with something new, we want you to take the challenge and face it head-on. We want you to grow and welcome new things to evolve yourself.

Our benefits ✨

Our success depends on our employees. We've tailored a benefits package for you to have a healthy, work-life balance.


Competitive Salary

We offer competitive salaries and raises.



We cover 100% of your health.

Woman using a laptop


We provide trainings, conferences, classes, and opportunities to explore new tech and projects.

we keep things fun with
lots of activities! 🥳

Most days, we dedicate ourselves to the growth of our clients, and we sometimes forget that we also need to dedicate time to ourselves. Whether it’s an unplanned happy hour or a long-term planned retreat, DumaSpace values the time we use to reconnect and have fun away from the hustle and bustle of our tasks to make DumaSpace a better working place.


Food Days

Always tummy-full at DumaSpace!

Cup of black tea or coffee held by businesswoman during coffee-break with colleagues

Happy Hour

Planned or unplanned—let's have fun!

Group of unrecognizable volunteers working in community charity donation center, food bank and coronavirus concept.

Community Service

We share what we have with others.


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